Tips for Keeping Valuable Things Safe in Your Next Trips

  • Before Booking a Hotel or Homestay make sure that it’s secure. Always check the review before the booking. But make sure that they will provide you locker facility to secure your valuable things.
  • If you are travelling on a train or bus always keep your money, passport and credit cards on you. Have a money belt and put it inside, so you will wake up once somebody tried to steal.
  • Do not count your money in a public place. Even do not take out your money in a public place. Count the money and put in your pocket before coming out from the ATM Counter, Bank or Money exchange. Always withdraw money from the ATMs inside the banks.
  • Always Consult a Money exchange for exchanging your currency. Do not exchange from people or Hotels. Maybe you will get fake currency.
  • Do not put your wallet in a back pocket; always put it in the front pocket of pants. Keep a fake wallet with when you go outside if someone tries to attack you and ask for the wallet you can handover this fake wallet.
  • Always avoid wearing or carrying jewellers on your trip, always leave your valuable things in your home or hotels.
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