Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium is one of the unique fascinating indoor Dolphin Show. Dolphin Show is an amazing show you will go through the wonder of world. Dolphin and seal show, such a show you never ever seen before. The dolphin and seal performing live and which was unbelievable to anyone. But it’s true. These mammals show their skills before you and doing incredible stunts.


Don’t miss this opportunity to see the most talented sea creatures in your Dubai trip. The dolphin and seal dance, sing, jump through hoops, play ball and all the wonder they have. Dolphin Show starting on 11AM and charges tickets rates 75 AED for adults and 45 AED for child in every Monday and Tuesday. And in Friday and Saturday ticket rates will be 105 AED for adults and 50 AED for child.


You can enjoy swimming with dolphins here. You will be under the guidance of expert trainers and who will explain about dolphin’s behavior and habitats to you. For this experience, you must pay only 630 AED. Also you can meet and greet with dolphins. As well as being able to hug, kiss and dance with these mammals. It costs 265 AED per person.

Dubai Dolphinarium also offers creek park bird show. With beautiful and rare species of birds, which include sun conures, Amazon parrots, cockatoos, blue and gold macaws, horn bill, toucans, falcon and eclectus parrots wondering you with their talents and also which interacts the audience. You can take marvelous pictures and feed the birds for only 25 AED only in Dubai Dolphinarium.

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